Wall Pictures - CITYSCAPES REFLEXES Pano+Squared - BRA6312

Sandro Santioli Panel Photo Art

A series of images about CITYSCAPES REFLEXES, Pano+Squared ones, that tell us about "Reflections": Sandro Santioli seems to reinforce this point, demonstrating this through a virtual kaleidoscope. Everything is on view up close. The city's assorted blueprints appear to have been compressed and through this optical compression, any suggestion of context that may have existed previously momentarily vanishes.  An array of multicolored buildings, all kore or less symmetrical, seem to go on in an apparently never-ending series to the casual observer. Only the most observant are able to truly see. You could go one step further to say that a large portion of Santioli's architectural imagery is a play on the theme of identifying a hidden "twin element" in what might ordinarily appear to be insignificant or even irrelevant detail in a scene.


T E C H N I C A L  D E T A I L S

You can get my images on the following supports:
My prints on Canvas are a very popular solution to get my images hung on your walls. Like real paintings, fine art prints on canvas have the power to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the subject you choose. Suitable to different styles: from contemporary to old-fashioned spaces.
Digital HD Prints on Canvas have UV inks, on canvas 290gr, reproducing the highest quality painting canvas, mounted on ecologic fir tree wood, with a perfect pull and covering the corner of the frame.
    My prints on Dibond aluminum are totally suitable to contemporary style spaces and the ones you need a formal atmosphere. These frames will give a neat appearance to my prints, decorating your rooms in a unique and sharp way.
    Digital Print on Dibond panel, made of an internal base of polyethylene, between two layers of aluminum, with a 3mm thickness.
     These panels have a white satin surface, with an elegant and resistant style, suitable to indoor and outdoor spaces.
     My prints on Plexiglass have that particular lightness that turns them into a piece of the walls themselves: they seem to be embedded in our rooms, without a clear detachment. These prints look like indoor floating windows, that give us fresh air to breathe. Digital Print on a panel of extruded methacrylate Plexiglass, 5mm thickness.
    With a clear and transparent surface, with a lesser weight compared to glass and totally similar to optical fiber.
    Printed in a selective white or total white for a total photo rendition.
    Plexiglass panels are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
    Fine Art Prints on request on specific prices
     1. Chemical Process on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional, Glossy/Lustre 290gr/mq, stamped and signed.
      2. Print on Epson Plotter, with stabilized pigments Ultra K3, on Photo Paper                Archive Perla, 260gr/mq, stamped and signed.

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