Born in Abbadia San Salvatore, Siena in 1956, Tuscan photographer Sandro Santioli’s passion for photography had already begun to be cultivated from quite an early age, despite the fact that his formal studies did not include the subject.

His decision to fully commit to the art saw himset up as a full-fledged professional photographer in 1985 where, over the course of his career, Santioli went on become one of Italy’s foremost landscape photographers.

His work has been published regularly in industry-leading publications such as National Geographic Italy and National Geographic Traveller, Geo, Meridiani, Bell’Europa and Bell’Italia, along with an array of international travel and current affairs titles.

Throughout his career, his images have consistently featured in daily newspapers and magazines worldwide.

His first published work “Terre di Toscana” (Tuscan Landscapes) was released in 1988 accompanied by a preface written by Piero Magi, which had five additional reprints. Then followed “Chianti” with a lead-in by Mario Luzi and later “Capri” with a preface by Luca di Schiena and finally “Paesaggi Toscana-Umbria” (Tuscany-Umbria Landscapes)  with an introduction by Carmelo Mezzasalma.

His body of work continues to span nature, architecture and interiors, aerial and landscape, each effortlessly demonstrating the photographer’s ability to impart his signature spare, sober aesthetic across a diverse range of subjects.

Santioli’s creative work has been used as both standalone images and design elements within advertising campaigns and websites and also used to market and illustrate books, brochures, calendars, posters and postcards.

For over a decade, he had been a member of the prestigious Milan-based reportage-photo agency Grazia Neri, an “institution” which he held several exhibitions, later moving on to Corbis and, ultimately, Getty Images.

His work has come in for acclaim by critics at numerous art and photography journals.

With the advent and widespread use of digital, his vision progressed from a tipically docu-narrative style to one that took on a decidedly more creative and abstract tone.

With an acute color sensibility and a vivid sense of composition refined over many years, Santioli’s images have the almost uncanny ability to exude both painterly and graphic qualities.

As a result, his projects tend to cover a myriad of disciplines including architecture, landscapes, nature and even dance (Tango) with the theme of de-contextualisation regularly apparent.

As with all of this work, much attention is paid to form, geometry and perspective.

The galleries showcased in this website within the OUR WORLD and URBANSCAPES sections provide excellent examples of this.

Since 1994, Santioli has regularly held and led workshops, photo tours and photography courses, both in Italy and overseas.

In this sector, he is regarded as one of the leading italian photography professionals, often forming collaborations with private entities and public institutions alike, creating a wholly unique experience for participants, whether they be beginners, advanced amateurs or even professionals in their own right.

He has held over 50 personal exhibits across Italy, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, China and the United States, in addition to a significant number of group exhibitions.

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