A series of images about TULIPS FIELDS, in Holland, seen from above.
Aerial views are something magic: they reveal beauties that we can’t see from our ground-level position. In Spring, swamplands blossom under the mighty wind of the North Sea, and they look like an abstract painting with terrific colors. Long stripes of solid pink beside to brilliant green, lilac ribbons together with a flashing orange. Tulips fields shot near Lisse, south of Holland could be defined as Piet Mondrian or Mark Rotko’s works. From above, flowers shape images made of endless stripes and they tell of a severe economic rule: the real cardinal point of Netherland’s export. 
On a surface of 7500 hectares are farmed millions of bulbs and thousands of tourists visit this area to enjoy this lush panorama. 90% of the tulips’ world market is being sold in Holland or through Holland.

S H I P P I N G   F R E E