A series of images about the NEW ARCHITECTURES IN MILAN, in black and white, where lines and shapes recreate a new vision of an everchanging
metropoli, in the very heart of Europe.


S H I P P I N G   F R E E

Review by Stefania Biamonti

With this series, Santioli sets out to issue a full-blown reinterpretation of the Lombardian capital. For this project, he chooses to shoot in areas that have undergone a number of major architectural overhauls, including them alongside buildings of vast cultural significance such as the Palace of Justice or Central Station. All throughout the series, however, the viewer is presented with an evocative stream of images that are a product of the artist’s desire to re-shape reality according to his personal vision and unique way of interpreting a given scene. 

Each element Santioli includes in the frame is leveraged to maximum effect as a type of visual accessory. The published images seem somehow altered; almost as if they had been enhanced or had an additional layer or dimension added when in fact they have not undergone any manipulation whatsoever. This series proposes an entirely different perspective: a new geometric layout where the city’s lines, colors, shadows and materials are virtually uprooted from their usual context only to be transformed into something quite distinct from what might be considered the Milanese "original". Quite satisfyingly, the series is full of them: look out for thought-provoking examples of spatial reorganization and imaginative plays on mirrored images in which steel, glass and cement continually overlap and intertwine, often serendipitously incorporating splashes of stark blue sky overhead.