A series of images about LOS ANGELES & SAN DIEGO, celebrating pure and neat architecture, reflexes, shapes, colors and materials throughout these metropolia.

S H I P P I N G   F R E E

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Review by Stefania Biamonti
Santioli’s architectural overview of the sister cities of Los Angeles and San Diego take light and color as its overarching theme. In the first part, the main protagonist is a quite extraordinary building, the Walt Disney Concert Hall. In the second, it is the city’s awe-inspiring skyline that takes center-stage. In either case, both sections find Santioli on a mission to first reimagine, then reconfigure his personal perception of these urban landscapes through a combination of deliberate composition styles and the elements of architecture he chooses to include in each frame. In these cases, the colors and the interplay of light and shade work to add volume and texture to the finished product, often giving the impression of abstract composition. Quite strikingly, Santioli does not propose, document nor does he even suggest with his work, an uncommon trait among photographers, who are typically cast as storytellers. He strives solely to faithfully convey the instinctive excitement felt when witnessing the wonder of outstanding architecture.